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Seikius Desinacles

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Character Information


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Seikius Desinacles


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In The Name of the Monk


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Character Description


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Game Statistics


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Recent Developments


March 1st, 2008

Three bonus feats that Seikius received last week were transformed this week.

Acrobatic, Athletic and Lightning Reflexes changed into Sacred Vow, Vow of Poverty, and Weapon Focus (unarmed strike). These benefits of these feats are being applied retroactively.


Non-Core Feat Summary

About Vows

Each feat that represents a vow has a special requirement (in addition to normal feat requirements) that must be met at all times. If that requirement is intentionally broken by the character, all benefits of the feat are irrevocably lost. If a vow is broken due to compulsion, then the benefits are lost until such a time as the character receives an atonement spell.


Nimbus of Light (Exalted)

Benefit: Good creatures automatically recognize the radiance surrounding you as a sign of your purity and devotion to the powers of good. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus on all Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks made when interacting with good creatures.

Your radiance sheds light as a common lamp: bright light to a radius of 5 feet and shadowy illumination to 10 feet. You can extinguish this radiance at will and reactivate it again as a free action.


Sacred Vow (Exalted)

Requires: Dedication to a specific good being or cause.

Get +2 perfection bonus to Diplomacy.


Touch of Golden Ice (Exalted)

Requires: Constitution 13

Benefit: Any evil creature you touch with your bare hand, fist, or natural weapon is ravaged by golden ice (Fort DC 14 1d6 DEX/2d6 DEX).


~Vow of Abstinence (Exalted)

Requires: Abstain from all drug and alcohol use.

Get +4 Perfection bonus to Fortitude vs. poison and drugs.


~Vow of Chastity (Exalted)

Requires: Abstain from all sexual contact.

Get +4 perfection bonus to Will vs. charm (Enchantment) and phantasm (Illusion) spells and effects.


Vow of Poverty (Exalted)

Requires the following:

- May not keep or spend money or valuable goods (including all types of coins, gems, or other wealth)

-- Further, most donate own portion of treasure and goods to a good temple or cause

- May not keep slaves or purchase items for self, may keep donated items and gifts (not of money)

-- Further, may not own land

- Can keep magic items that are found while adventuring, or that are donated or gifted

-- Otherwise, no other items are allowed to be kept







AC Bonus


Bonus exalted feat



Bonus exalted feat



Endure elements



Bonus exalted feat, exalted strike +1






Bonus exalted feat, deflection +1



Ability score enhancement +2, resistance +1



Bonus exalted feat, mind shield, natural armor +1





DR 5/magic, bonus exalted feat, exalted strike +2



Ability score enhancement +4/+2



Bonus exalted feat, deflection +2, greater sustenance



Energy resist 5 (all), resistance +2



Bonus exalted feat, exalted strike +3, freedom of movement



DR 5/evil, ability score enhancement +6/+4/+2



Bonus exalted feat, natural armor +2



Exalted strike +4, regeneration, resistance +3



Bonus exalted feat, deflection +3, true seeing



DR 10/evil, ability score enhancement +8/+6/+4/+2



Bonus exalted feat, energy resist 15 (all), exalted strike +5




AC Bonus (Su): At 1st level, get +4 exalted bonus to Armor Class. Bonus increases to +5 at 3rd level, and by +1 every 3 levels thereafter (+6 at 6th, +7 at 9th, +8 at 12th, etc.).


Bonus Exalted Feats: Get 1 bonus Exalted feat at 1st level and 1 additional bonus every even-numbered level (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc.). Bonus Exalted feats will be chosen by the Dungeon Master and are denoted with a tilde at the beginning.


Endure Elements (Ex): Gain immunity to effects of hot and cold environment, as a continual endure elements spell.


Exalted Strike (Su): Get +1 enhancement to attack and damage with any and all natural attacks, unarmed strikes, and manufactured weapon attacks and attacks are considered magical for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.


Sustenance (Ex): No longer need to eat or drink.


Deflection (Su): Get +1 deflection bonus to Armor Class. Bonus increases to +2 at 12th level and +3 at 17th level.


Resistance (Ex): Get +1 resistance bonus to saving throws. Bonus increases to +2 at 13th level, and +3 at 18th level.


Ability Score Adjustment (Ex): Get +2 enhancement to ability score of your choice. At 11th level, get +2 bonus to another ability score, and previous bonus increases by +2. At 15th level, get +2 bonus to a third ability score of your choice, and both previous bonuses increase by +2. At 19th level, get a fourth +2 bonus to an ability score, and increase the three other bonuses by +2.


Natural Armor (Ex): Get +1 natural armor bonus to Armor Class. Bonus increases to +2 at 16th level.


Mind Shield (Ex): Gain immunity to effects of detect thoughts, discern lies, and attempts to determine your alignment.


Damage Reduction (Su): Get DR 5/magic. Damage reduction becomes 5/evil at 15th level. Damage reduction icnreases to 15/evil at 19th level.


Greater Sustenance (Ex): No longer need to breathe.


Resist Energy (Ex): Gain energy resistance 5 to acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic.


Freedom of Movement (Ex): Gain immunity to grappling and other impediments, as a continual freedom of movement spell.


Regeneration (Ex): All damage you take becomes nonlethal and heals at an accelerated rate.


True Seeing (Su): Gain supernatural ability to discern things as they really are, as a continual true seeing spell.

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