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Last updated July 30th, 2008.

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Game Summary





Previously, on Mediterranean Plotluck...



Episode 16

Date: July 26th, 2008


With the Ackrak look-alike now gone, having escaped into the woods, and Seikius also gone, Ackrak, Ghamor, and Aleska are left with a mob on the verge of hysteria. Something in Ghamor snaps. He conjures several stinking clouds to corral the mob and throws several fireball spells into their midst, reducing most to a mound of charred, stinking corpses in a matter of minutes.


Many try to flee, but between the concealment of the nauseating clouds, and the piles of tangled bodies they had to climb over, they succeeded only in making themselves better targets. With the slaughter complete, over six hundred corpses lay at Ghamor's feet. Neither Ackrak nor Aleska says anything. Ghamor rejoins them and the three continue on towards Itrix's mansion.


When the group approaches within view of Itrix's mansion, two large stones hurtle at Ackrak, one crashing into the hillside and the other one dealing Ackrak a serious wound. Two lesser giants stand in front of Itrix's mansion, with a pile of rocks, each stone larger than a man's head. The giants continue to try pelting Ackrak with stones, but Ackrak quickly raises a protection from arrows spell to prevent the rocks from harming him.


Ackrak approaches and fortifies himself with magic, until the giants charge him, wielding giant wooden clubs. The two giants are more than a match for Ackrak, even with his magic. Ghamor conjures a major illusion of his colossal red dragon and the giants relent. A few passes over their heads and a breath of fire later, the giants are cowering on the ground. Ghamor and Aleska hammer the giants with fireball and flame strike spells while Ackrak recovers, and the giants quickly fall to the magical onslaught.


Once combat concludes, Ackrak fells a nearby tree, impales the titan's head on it, and uses it to batter down the door on Itrix's mansion. Inside is eerily quiet, until a voice, much like Seikius's, speaks. Ackrak, Ghamor, and Aleska see a blue-skinned elf that appears otherwise identical to Seikius ... another of the look-alikes that Ghamor identified via magical scrying. This one is called Ikeisus.


Ikeisus demands that the three of them either submit to Itrix's dinner invitation or leave immediately. Ghamor casts dispel magic on him, and Ikeisus repeats the demand. Ghamor then tries hold person, but the spell effect rebounds and Ghamor is subjected to his own spell. Ikeisus makes his demand a third time. The party then opts for a third option ... fight.


Ikeisus wins initiative and darts into the room behind him and Ghamor casts stinking cloud into the room to slow him down. In the next few moments, Ackrak and Ghamor cast a spells to prepare themselves, then Ackrak enlarges himself and charges into the room, swinging his improvised weapon. Ikeisus is nowhere to be found, however. Ackrak and Ghamor proceed to break down several doors looking for the look-alike, when Ghamor is suddenly attacked from behind.


Under the effects of a fly spell, Ghamor quickly withdraws to the relative safety of the ceiling, while Ackrak moves to block Ikeisus's advance. Ghamor has been badly wounded, however, and a single thrown dagger from Ikeisus is enough to render Ghamor unconscious from his injuries. Ackrak and Ikeisus trade blows, with Ackrak valiantly standing over the fallen Ghamor. Neither is able to land an attack on the other, until Ackrak manages to gain the upper hand.


Ikeisus retreats to the front room, with Ackrak close on his heels. Ikeisus pulls a disappearing trick of some kind, and Ackrak returns to tend to Ghamor. With Ghamor now back on his feet, they renew their search for Ikeisus. Ackrak spies him after doubling back to the front room, and charges. Ackrak delivers the final, crushing blow, and leaves the look-alike a bloody mess under the heavy improvised weapon.


Ackrak lifts the tree up to inspect his work, and finds Ikeisus limp and apparently deflated. A single, dagger-like crystal remains, which Ackrak scoops up. A strange sensation fills Ackrak, and he fights off a powerful psychic attack. The crystal contains the souls of a number of powerful psychics, who attempt to control Ackrak's body, but he overcomes them with sheer force of will. The psychics promise Ackrak power in exchange for the use of his body, but he sees through their ploy, and easily fights off their influence.




Who's your Foo Foo God? Me! That's Who!



Can I get a rat level?

(Regarding his familiar.)


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Next Session

Date: August 2nd, 2008

Link: mp080802

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