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Last updated July 30th, 2008.

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Previously, on Mediterranean Plotluck...



Episode 15

Date: June 28th, 2008


When the dust finally settles, not only is the party is still alive, but also victorious! The titan is dead, and with relatively little damage done to the city; only a few buildings crushed here and there. Ackrak, with Aleska's help, digs Seikius out of the wreckage of a building. Though he is badly injured from being crushed by the collapsed building, Seikius has once again cheated death.


The party takes a few minutes to breathe and pat themselves on the back. Then Ghamor, with Ackrak's help, decapitates the titan. Ghamor creates an enormous illusion over the city to replay the last few moments of the battle for everyone in the city limits to see, and gradually, the citizens flock to see the fallen giant. Ghamor begins rallying the the townsfolk, while Aleska sets to work carving out pieces of the titan's hide with the scythe in order to fashion a special suit of armor.


After a rousing speech, Ackrak, Ghamor, and Seikius start up a chant throughout the crowd of "titan slayer!" The enthusiastic crowd swells to over 2,000, from which Ghamor rallies over seven hundred to follow him to Itrix's mansion to finally deal with the threat the impostor represents. Over seven hundred souls, armed with pitchforks, torches, and determination, take the narrow road to Itrix's mansion...


Ackrak leads the mob, dragging the severed titan's head by the hair. As the mob approaches Itrix's mansion, a loud shout disrupt the march, and over a dozen commoners fall dead. Moments later, a blue-skinned man that looks like Ackrak leaps into the crowd and begins cutting commoners down left and right. Ghamor and Seikius quickly charge into battle and Ackrak hangs back to control the crowd.


The Ackrak look-alike wields a strange power that appears to be different from Ackrak's magic, but he is no less effective in combat. When Seikius approaches and Ghamor flies overhead to use magic, the look-alike retreats into the cover of the trees. Seikius quickly catches up to him, however, and a fierce melee ensues. Both Ghamor and Seikius have difficulty fighting the look-alike ... Ghamor's spells seem to fizzle and fail as he casts them, and the impostor demonstrates an ability to reach Ghamor with a mighty leap-attack. Ghamor is forced to ascend to a higher altitude, and thus, loses sight of his target more easily.


Though Ghamor's spells help take down the look-alike's magical defenses, it takes the impostor only a few swings of his curved sword to carve through Seikius's defenses. Soon, Seikius is forced to retreat, but as Seikius escapes the woods, the look-alike strikes a mortal blow and Seikius falls. Suddenly, Seikius's features change to become bestial and ravenous. He grows hair and claws, his mouth elongates and his teeth grow sharp ... in the midst of battle, he has transformed into wolf-man!


This event shakes the impostor's resolve, and armed with newfound strength and ferocity, Seikius renews the combat and tears into his opponent, turning the tables. Soon the look-alike must flee, and does so with astonishing speed ... Seikius, still in hybrid wolf-form, barrels after him into the woods. Ackrak and Ghamor are left with a panicking crowd on their hands, and Seikius is nowhere to be seen.





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Next Session

Date: July 26th, 2008

Link: mp080726

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