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Last updated July 9th, 2008.

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Game Summary





Previously, on Mediterranean Plotluck... Ackrak, Ghamor, and Seikius assaulted the ships in the harbor that belonged to the false Itrix. Through the use of surprise and overwhelming force, they were able to sink one ship and quickly board and capture a second before the ships began to flee.


Through the calculated use of sorcery, Ghamor was able to corral the ships in the harbor and prevent any from escaping the bay, and the party successfully captured all but the first of the vessels, which they sunk. They enslaved the surviving crew, spent the next week culling the weak and bending the rest to their will.


Ghamor, through the use of a newly-developed divination spell, learned of the location of their allies ... deep underneath the mansion of the false Itrix, in some underground dungeon. Ghamor and Seikius hatched a plot to sneak into Itrix's mansion to rescue Liola, Occela, Hythia, and the others.



Episode 14: Itrix's Ghost Appears and the Titan Attacks!

Date: June 14th, 2008

Ghamor returns to the city after placing a geas on all of Itrix's guards he encountered on the road, with Xiao Nan leading him. Ghamor seeks out Ackrak, and the two determine they must find Seikius before they can make their next move. Ackrak and Aleska accompany Ghamor, and the three relocate to the abandoned temple of Aphrodite, which Ghamor has been using for scrying.


After the hour-long spellcasting ritual is complete, the party spies Seikius lying unconscious and wounded in the forest. With some quick thinking, Ghamor sends his familiar holding a fly spell with Aleska, who quickly reaches Seikius through the use of the tree stride spell. Aleska restores Seikius to consciousness with her magic, and Ghamor's familiar delivers the fly spell, allowing Seikius to fly back to the city. Upon returning to the city, Seikius has the rest of his wounds treated.


Seikius was, in fact, attacked by a pack of large, fiendish-looking wolves. The creatures appeared to recoil after biting him, suggesting that they were evil and therefore affected by his magical touch of golden ice ability. The ability was probably the only thing that saved him from being torn apart by the wolves.


With Seikius safely back in the fold, the party takes the next few days as downtime while Aleska restores Ghamor's vision. On the evening of the third night, Ackrak, Ghamor, and Seikius are visited by the ghost of Itrix, finally confirming his death as fact. Itrix's ghost warns the group that their meddling has spurred the false Itrix to put his plans in motion early, and that a terrible monster has been unleashed on the island.


A scant twenty minutes later, the largest humanoid the party had ever seen appears, one of the legendary titans, on the outskirts of the city. The creature wreaks havoc; smashing buildings and walls and terrifying the surviving populace. The titan appears dim-witted and devoid of magical ability, despite many tales of their destructive might. The group engages the creature in the streets, and despite their impressive display of force are nearly slaughtered by the enormous being.


Seikius seeks to distract the creature by running it around the city, however the titan easily keeps pace with its long stride and batters Seikius. Seikius retreats into a building, but the titan collapses the building on top of Seikius, trapping him inside. Ghamor and Aleska pelt the creature with a barrage of spells until Ackrak faces it alone in combat. Ackrak is falls from several mighty attacks from the titan, but Aleska brings him around again. Ackrak faces the titan single-handedly once more and is speared by the creature's gargantuan sword before being tossed several buildings away.


With Ackrak's broken body slumped against a building and Seikius's fate unknown, Ghamor continues to pelt the titan with every spell he has until the creature finally falls under the onslaught. Aleska wastes no time getting Ackrak back on his feet and the group digs Seikius out of the rubble of the fallen building. They dust themselves off and stand tall over the fallen creature ... victorious!




NICK, to Jack

I don't share, I'm the DM!


Game Review




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Next Session

Date: June 28th, 2008

Link: mp080628

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