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Last updated June 6th, 2008

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Game Summary





Previously, on Mediterranean Plotluck... Following the fierce battle with the crab-thing, Ackrak, Ghamor, and Seikius had a moment to rest and pondered what to do next. With the ship relatively safe aboveground, they decided to continue their investigation of the subterranean areas beneath the island.


Seikius reminded the others about the urgency of the quest he received from Apollo. Now that Ghamor had his familiar back, he was much more open to the idea of further exploring the caverns, and Seikius was anxious to locate the staff and to rescue his students and Liola.


After a thorough search of the Western "mushroom cavern," the party found a small side-passage that was the nest of a number of small, imp-like creatures. After disturbing the creatures' repose, the party quickly subdued them and returned to the surface. Seikius had fallen ill, and the party decided to take the next few days to rest and recover from their ordeals.



Episode 6

Date: March 15th, 2008


Ackrak, Ghamor, and Seikius take a few days to rest from their recent ordeals. They reflect on all that has happened to them, including the bizarre twists of fate that have befallen them: Itrix bringing them in on the business deal, the monster on the pleasure ship and their landing on the strange island; the pirate attacks and the marauding frog-creatures; the scars wrought by the terrifying battle with the "boneskin knight" and the disappearance of the ominous disappearance of the Lady in Orange.


The party is surprised to see activity on the beach near the submerged cave. As they watch, several humanoid figures emerge: two women, a man, and an orc, led by none other than Liola. Though apprehensive at first, the party welcomes them, and Liola explains that she was able to distract and overcome the guards, and that she freed the others. She tells them that the frogs know of their escape, and will likely attack once they have amassed their forces.


The escapees introduce themselves to the party: Cessar Cromius is a slender man with a fine tone; an accomplished archer and survivalist. Hythia is a slim woman whose elegant features hint at a particularly sinister heritage; a clever scout, spy, and trapmaster. Krokius, "Krok," is a burly, savage-looking orc with a sloping forehead and a mean look; a sturdy brute and a savage warrior. Occela is a slight woman with a far-off look and a light and airy speech; a prodigious seer and gifted healer. Liola reveals a little of her cunning nature, and demonstrates her familiarity with a sword.


Ghamor sends his snake familiar to monitor the cave opening and alert him when there is movement, and then supplies Hythia with an armload of alchemical explosives to mine the beach with. Seikius offers Cessar a bow, though Cessar reveals that he managed to save his own bow from the frog-creature's armory; Seikius's bow instead goes to Xiao Nan, whom Ghamor orders to the rear of the defenses with Cessar. Occela casts the bones and then sees to bolstering some of the defender's magical protections. Krokius merely paces and awaits the coming bloodshed with impatience.


Ghamor receives an empathic warning from his snake that the frog-creatures are on the move as the party is only just finishing the last of their defensive fortifications around their ship. The water begins to surge and dozens of the frog-creatures appear, wielding spears and large clubs. After a few terrible moments of gathering anticipation, the frogs begin their charge.


Many quickly they fall to the alchemical bombs hiding under the sand. The frog-creatures that survive the explosives are shot down by Ghamor, Xiao Nan, and Cessar. The frogs that make it passed the barrage of missile fire and reach the fortifications are cut down by Ackrak, Seikius, and Krok. Occela heals the few scrapes and bruises that occur, and Hythia and Liola remain on stand-by in case they are needed.


A half-dozen waves of frogs fall to the combined attacks of the party, and it seems that the strategy and preparations they made will ensure their victory...




I have a 10-foot reach ... IN MY PANTS!


Shoot! Then ask questions!



Perhaps you should save the poison for the opportune moment...


What are you, the DM?


(Regarding Cessar's comment to Seikius.)

GHAMOR, to Seikius

He's trying to say your bow is weak, but politely.

ACKRAK, to Seikius


NICK, to Seikius

I think you're going to need a bigger bow.

(Referencing Jaws.)



Three frogs enter, Akrak leaves.

(Referencing Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.)


"We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!"

(From Ghostbusters.)


He is a tank made out of AC. No guns, no weapons, and no hit points. Just Armor Class.

(Regarding the monk.)


Game Review



EXP by Player

ACKRAK gets experience...

  • For killing 3 frog-creatures with 1 swipe.


GHAMOR gets experience...

  • For 23 assist-kills.


SEIKIUS gets experience...

  • For achieving 2 critical hits in 2 rounds.
  • For the "Highest AC That Can't Be Crit."





Next Session

Date: March 22nd, 2008

Link: mp080322

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