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Last updated June 5th, 2008

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Game Summary




Previously, on Mediterranean Plotluck... After Ackrak, Ghamor, and Seikius repelled a pirate attack, they attempted to strike back at the pirates by attacking the pirate ship itself. Ackrak and Seikius swam to the pirate ship, which was strangely deserted. Ackrak set about chopping down the mast while Seikius and his students went below to free the woman, Liola, who was a prisoner of the pirates.


The rescue was thwarted, however, when a huge sea monster and dozens of frog-creatures attacked. Liola was captured by the creatures, though Ackrak and Seikius managed to escape relatively unscathed. The party then decided to first rescue Ghamor's familiar, which was still trapped the the vast underground chamber.


Re-entering the submerged tunnel, the party fought off over a dozen of the frog-creatures and successfully rescued Ghamor's familiar unharmed. On their way back to the surface, they encountered a band of frogs led by a monstrous crab-thing, which they engaged. A fierce battle ensued, which nearly cost Seikius his life, but the party emerged triumphant once again.



Episode 5

Date: March 8th, 2008


With the crab-thing and its retinue slain, the party is left to rest for a few minutes. They carve up pieces of the crab-thing with the intent of making use of its tough carapace. Then they must decide their next move -- whether to return to the surface, or to continue exploring the caves, now that they've eliminated the threat of the crab-thing. They opt to continue exploring.


The party decides to begin by exploring the Western passage, which leads to a large, mushroom-filled cavern. The air in this section of the cavern is dry and musty, compared to the damp cool of the rest of the cave. Seikius quickly scouts out two possible passages from the room, one leading North, and one that continues West. Ghamor has his elf-slave Xiao Nan (who has come along for the venture but stayed back out of the danger) search the area for any passages hidden in the fungi, while Ackrak and Ghamor collect mushrooms to use as alchemical ingredients and spell components.


The rogue locates a passage hidden behind a dense patch of mushrooms, and Seikius goes to work clearing the way by chopping through the thick stalks. Carelessly breaking and pulling apart the fungus causes Seikius to quickly be coated in spores. The noise he generates while hacking away also disturbs the rest of a small, imp-like creature, which uses its powerful breath to blind Ghamor and Seikius with a blast of grit and gravel.


Not one to let the creature get away with such an indignant act, Ghamor put the creature to sleep with a spell and has Xiao Nan haul the creature out of its hole and truss it up. Seikius delves deeper into the passage and finds that it terminates after a few dozen feet. Inside, he finds more of the creatures ... a veritable nest. The creatures begin to swarm and scour him with rocks and gravel from their breath attacks.


Ghamor and Seikius retreat, and the creatures create a wall of wind at the mouth of their nest to ward off the party. Not to be discouraged, after a few moments of deliberation, the two wade back in through the wind wall, and while Seikius provides himself as a shield, Ghamor puts the rest of the creatures to sleep. The wind wall fades and they drag the creatures out to be tied up as well.


Once the creatures are bound, the party decides to make their way back to the surface, for Seikius has begun to fall ill. Upon reaching the surface, Seikius becomes violently sick, and must be carried back to the ship. Ackrak tends to Seikius off and on for the next three days until the sickness passes.


During the time that Seikius is bed-ridden, Ackrak oversees the stripping-down of the pirate ship and refitting of the newly-dubbed Rolling Turtle. The hull is reinforced and a ramming prow is built in; a second mast is added and rigged. Ackrak and Ghamor also experimented with the mushrooms they recovered and Ackrak fashioned a poison from the mushrooms' spores.




In the end, there can be only crab?


Magic Circle Against Mormons.


You could say: "Don is well-suited to saving."



Take Ranger 4 and call me in the morning. (For animal companion.)



Does the crab bag float? If so, I'm going to tie it to the ship.

It's now 1 CLB, "1 Crab Life Boat."


We can call it the Ackrakian Calendar.



Everyone's invisible now, except the monk ... he's the last monk standing.



It's not my fault if my students don't survive my training.


The monk has a harsh training regiment.



Don't kill clerics in anger.


You guys meet a friendly predator. He makes a masterwork crab shield for you.


The predator shakes his head and seems unimpressed with the dance. He walks back up the stairs and leaves, but you have the feeling you may see him again, one day.


It's still too early to tell... it's cloudy with a chance of monsters.


Akrak prevents the poison from getting worse ... but he's still hungry.


Game Review



EXP by Player

ACKRAK gets experience...

  • For making the "crab bag," he is also awarded the "first lifeboat."
  • For tricking out the party's ride.


GHAMOR gets experience...

  • For his "magic grope." (Of a mephit.)
  • For rolling knowledge (history) for no damn good reason. (He got 25.)


SEIKIUS gets experience...

  • For turning a bunny-hop into a Matrix-style leap.





Next Session

Date: March 15th, 2008

Link: mp080315

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