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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 2 months ago

Last updated June 3rd, 2008

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Game Summary




Previously, on Mediterranean Plotluck, Ackrak, Ghamor, and Seikius found themselves stuck on a tiny island with some bizarre features. Made entirely of interlocking stones, the island's geography constantly shifted, changing unpredictably to create pitfalls to trap and crush unwary travelers. Luckily for them, Itrix's ship had also landed on the island, albeit with some minor damage.


When one of the slaves turned up missing, the party decided to go explore the islet. They encountered the mysterious "Lady in Orange," who related her tale to Ackrak via magical communication. She offered advice for finding the wayward slave, and the exploration next went underground. The party made their way into the subsurface via a submerged cave, where Ghamor's familiar was captured by unwholesome creatures, they did battle with bizarre frog-creatures, and Seikius's student sadly lost his life.


Resting up at an underground shrine, the party made their way back up to the surface, only to be confronted by a powerful eldritch knight. Seikius was stricken by the knight's curse and Ackrak fell beneath the knight's vicious attacks. Ghamor and Seikius were forced to flee, but were surprised to see Ackrak again, moments later, bearing the fell knight's severed head. They then rejoiced to learn that their crew was also spared.


Brief Overview

Episode 3

Date: February 23rd, 2008


Following the death of Xero, the party decides it's time to choose a leader, someone to make the decisions about where the group will go, who will guard the ship, and so on. Ghamor and Omelete put their names forward, and Ackrak supports Ghamor. Tempers flare, a brief power struggle ensues, and Omelete argues in favor of making himself leader. Ghamor uses sleep to end the discussion, and Ackrak kills him, effectively making Ghamor the new group leader.


The party claims Itrix's ship as their own, along with all the slaves. A few slaves prove unruly, and Ackrak quickly puts them in their place. Repairs to the ship continue on an accelerated schedule. The few goblin slaves, formerly belonging to Xero, approach Seikius and give him information that Omelete failed to pass on ... that there was a pirate ship lurking off-shore.


Seikius takes the goblins with him to search for Xero's body. Seikius opts to take the four goblin slaves as his new students, and allows them time to mourn their master. Ghamor and Seikius argue about Seikius's decision to take the goblin slaves as his students. Uninterested in further debate, Ackrak decides to leave, and orders six of the stronger slaves to help him excavate the elephant statue. Ackrak leaves his goblin slave Gycco in charge of the repair operations and leaves his rat familiar with Gycco.


Ghamor and Seikius come to blows, with Ghamor creating an illusion of a fearsome red dragon. Seikius dodges and tries to attack Ghamor, only to be blocked time and time again by the fearsome beast. Finally, Seikius sees through the illusion and punches through, breaking the spell.


Before the battle erupts in bloodshed, Seikius senses danger and withdraws, leaving a bewildered Ghamor as he heads back to the ship. Ackrak barely emerges from the water with his prize when Seikius calls out in alarm that a sea monster is attacking the ship. Ackrak and Ghamor drop everything and run to the ship. When they arrive, they see a dozen or more bugbear pirates wading to shore.


Seikius manages to intercept the pirates that climbed onboard before they're able to kill any slaves. During the assault, Seikius is surrounded and rendered unconscious by several pirates. Ghamor, for want of a weapon, takes the scythe from Seikius and wields it in combat. Ackrak and Ghamor fight off many of the pirates with ease, Ghamor successfully dispatching a number of them before they even reach the shore. The pirate attack is repelled and the ship is safe again, for the time being.


When Seikius regains consciousness, he relates the events of a strange dream in which the god Apollo spoke to him as the son and asked him to retrieve a magical staff from the evil creatures the lurk beneath the island. Seikius also tells of his dream-conversation with a woman, trapped onboard the pirate ship, who begged him to rescue her. While Ackrak seems interested in the dreams, Ghamor dismisses them as a delusion at best, and a trap at worst.



ALL, with the exception of Brian

Bugbear porn...

I only want to watch bugbear porn ...

My only fetish is BUGBEARS!

So spread your legs and see!



By switching to three-point-five, fifteen on an attack roll could save you 15 or more hit points from an opponent's attack. (Regarding Gycco, Ackrak's goblin slave.)



The archer asked me to retrieve this staff for him.


What archer?


Yes, while I was unconscious, the sun came down to me in a vision and asked me to retrieve this staff for him.


The sun asked you, or the archer?


The sun is the archer.




Game Review



EXP by Player

EVERYONE except Brian, gets experience...

  • For singing the "bugbear porn song."


ACKRAK and GHAMOR get experience...

  • For using a "dual-tech" on a bugbear pirate (Jack's crit w/scythe + Don's AoO).


ACKRAK gets experience...

  • For killing the last "named NPC."
  • For recovering the elephant statue.
  • For preparing a feast for the slaves.
  • For beating the crap out of the bugbear slave for being mouthy.
  • For naming his goblin slave "Gycco."


GHAMOR gets experience...

  • For assisting Ackrak in the slaughter of the last "named NPC."
  • For breaking the special FX budget again with the illusion of a colossal red dragon.
  • For causing 4 bugbears to drown in their sleep.


SEIKIUS gets experience...

  • For more ridiculously high stealth rolls, even under the effects of a hellacious curse.
  • For causing Ghamor to wet himself, then throwing his clothes in the sea.
  • For attaining 4 new goblin disciples.
  • For breaking Ghamor's illusory dragon by punching through it.
  • For faking everyone out with the infamous "kraken bluff."
  • For more near-death experiences.
  • For having a conversation with a strange woman while asleep.





Next Session

Date: March 1st, 2008

Link: mp080301

Comments (3)

muk said

at 11:38 am on Mar 3, 2008

In rescuing Sekius from the Bugbear Pirates Ghamor wielding a scythe and Ackrak wielding his Great Axe duel teched and buchered the pirates into pieces or drowned those that tried to reaching the ship by swimming across the sea.

Anonymous said

at 10:37 am on Jun 6, 2008

Ackrak's goblin slave got experience for managing the slaves while Ackrak's away.
He took bard for his first level.

Anonymous said

at 10:37 am on Jun 6, 2008

Ghamor's elf slave got experience for masturbating in front of him while he was alone with her on the ship.
She took rogue for her 1st level.

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