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Last updated June 3rd, 2008

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Game Summary




Previously, on Mediterranean Plotluck, characters Ackrak, Ghamor, and Seikius were invited to join a business venture with a man by the name of Itrix. They also met two characters called Omelete and Xero, who were also brought into the fold by Itrix. This venture was meant to bring wealth and glory to all involved...


As the party toasts to their good health and fortune, their rest is interrupted by a nearby revelry... a group of pleasure-seekers celebrating life on a ship not far off. The group is invited aboard by the seductive hostess. Several drinks and a few hours later, they're invited below deck for a little after-hours "refreshment."


It's a trap! Cornered by a mysterious robed man, Itrix is wounded, then savagely attacked by the seductress and her cohorts! A fight breaks out and just when it seems to be over, the group is attacked by a hideous tentacled beast! The battle leads to the destruction of the ship, and Itrix is left for dead. The party barely escapes with their lives...



Episode 2

Date: February 9th, 2008


The party finds themselves on a strange islet. Barely measuring 500 feet across its longest dimension, the island harbors some bizarre quirks. Firstly, the island is made of interlocking stone columns. Secondly, the stone columns that make up the island don't seem entirely stable ... they rise and fall at irregular intervals, making traversing the island quite a task.


The party finds their ship in a state of poor repair. They meet up with Omelete and Xero and retell the events on the pleasure-ship, including Itrix's death at the hands of the flesh-eaters. The group determines that repairs to their ship will take at least one week. When they find that one of the slaves has disappeared, they decide to explore the island.


At the far end of the islet, the party discovers a small well, or shrine, guarded by a free-floating spectral figure who identifies herself as the "Lady in Orange." She tells her tale to Ackrak via telepathy, claiming to have guarded the shrine since "the time when the gods made war against the titans," making her over 1,500 years old. She says the shrine is dedicated to a "Forgotten God" and allows her to communicate with the Spirit World.


Though she seems to know little about the world beyond the shrine, she suggests that the wayward slave may have fallen into one of the many trenches formed by the shifting of the island's stones, and may be trapped in a subsurface area. The party thanks her and follows her advice, scouring the island for entrances to the underground. The party finds a submerged entrance not far from their ship, and they enter the underwater cave without too much difficulty.


Underground, they find a stone bridge guarded by a pair of strange frog-like creatures. Ghamor uses an illusion of the Lady in Orange to distract the creatures, which attack out of surprise. A short skirmish on the bridge later, the party investigates the large stone door the creatures were guarding, opening it to reveal a long, winding staircase leading deep underground. Ackrak and Ghamor send their familiars out to scout for them.


Ackrak's familiar discovers a source of fresh water in a side passage, and Ghamor's familiar is captured by a pair of unwholesome, corpse-like creatures while searching a Southern passage, and though uncomfortable with the idea of leaving the familiar alone with the creatures, the Ackrak and Seikius first investigate the fresh water. Ghamor has other plans, however.


Ghamor uses a dancing lights spell to locate and frighten the gaunt creatures, which scurry up the cavern wall for safety. He then uses sleep spells to cause the creatures to fall to their deaths, though he is unable to reach the creature's nest, where his familiar remains trapped. One of the creatures manages to screech an alarm before Ghamor puts it out of commission.


Ackrak and Seikius arrive back at Ghamor's location in time for the three of them to get the drop on a frog-creature hunting party. Ackrak, Seikius, and Seikius's student all charge in to attack, and Seikius's student is slain, brained by a frog-creature's club. Seikius dispatches the creature and the battle ends quickly. There party doesn't take much time to mourn and quickly returns to the "waterfall room" they were investigating before the commotion.


The party rests at a small shrine in the waterfall room, and they find several interesting items of value. In particular, they find a statue of an elephant, apparently meditating. Seikius finds signs that the statue was moved to its current location and Ackrak proposes taking the statue back to civilization. Seikius suggests a few potential buyers for such an item.


Elephant Statue


The next morning, the party makes their way back to the surface through the submerged cave. Once they reach the surface, they're engaged in combat almost immediately by a strangely-dressed "knight," carrying the severed head of the comrade Xero. The "knight" channels eldritch magic through the severed head, and the party fights for their lives.


The crazed knight inflicts a terrible curse on Seikius and paralyzes Ackrak with ghoul touch. With Ackrak taken out of the action, Ghamor and Seikius quickly focus their attacks towards destroying the severed head and wearing down the knight. Once Ackrak manages to shake the paralysis, the knight turns his attacks back towards Ackrak, quickly cutting him down in the ensuing melee. Ghamor and Seikius are forced to abandon their dying ally, fleeing for the Lady's shrine.


They find the Lady in Orange in a trance and a few moments later, they are horrified to see her fade from existence; both feel her presence leave the island entirely. A few minutes later, the pair see Ackrak, still badly injured, approaching with the knight's own head. Ackrak tells them that he achieved his revenge, but at a price. What price, he does not say, though he claims to also have freed the Lady in Orange from her imprisonment.


Finally reaching their ship, the party is overjoyed to learn that the crew and their allies are still safe, apart from Xero. Xero had gone to search for them after they failed to return during the night, and thus, was the knight's only victim.




Dude, I just rolled to become a god ... and I got a natural 20. (Pre-game roll-ups)


Over at the entrance where Jack's rat ... Jack's snake ... gah ... Jack's Snake, Don's Rat ... you guys and your fucking animals.


BARF! (With each frog's death)


We are what we eat. YOU are what we eat.


NICK, to Don

Welcome to your first turn back among the moving! (First turn after paralysis wears off.)


NICK, to Jack

You rolled a Perform "suicide?" Can you do that multiple times per day? (Pre-game roll-ups)


Jack, you have a "Shiddy" feeling in your pants.


Alright Jack, what do you want? It's Christmas, sit on my lap. (During EXP by Player)


NICK, to Brian

You and your student are shooting yourselves in the foot, there ... with your fists. (Regarding poor attack rolls.)


Game Review



EXP by Player

ACKRAK gets experience...

  • For "dying."
  • For being the first to loot for the first time ever! (Boneskin knight.)
  • For "disallowing" anyone from taking the "boneskin knight's" head.



GHAMOR gets experience...

  • For his double sleep plus "gravity" kills.
  • For annoying me with his snake.
  • For annoying me into submission.
  • For breaking the special effects budget with the particle effects on his illusion.
  • For annoying me with his snake.
  • For melting the face off the boneskin knight's "magic severed head" with a targeted acid splash.
  • For gaming without access to the battle map for 2 weeks in a row.


SEIKIUS gets experience...

  • For ridiculously high rolls in stealth.
  • For standing up from prone with a tumble check.
  • For "drowning" twice.
  • For receiving the honorary "Death's Door Award."
  • For destroying the boneskin knight's "magic severed head."


NICK gets experience...

  • For drawing maps in Paint.
  • For learning to save pictures in JPEG form.





Next Session

Date: February 23rd, 2008

Link: mp080223

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