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Ghamor Shideus

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Character Information


~Ghamor Shideus~


By Hook or By Crook


"Hmm, he'll do a nice slave..."


"Why ... you little ... go sleep a round..."


"I'll have the largest Slave trade in the whole seven seas. Nothing is going to stop me."


"Fire! ... Fire! ... Alchemist Fire!!"


"I am a bullies worst nightmare!"


"Monk learn to swim!"

~Ghamor Shideus~



"Ma'am ... that ass of yours ... let me mage hand it."


"Ghamor, only you would ask permission to violate a maiden."


"I never ask permission! I am merely announcing my intent!"




"So what if I'm four inches taller than you? I thought you liked taller women!"





"Don't you have any Shiddy dreams of your own?"


"Its Ghamor D. P. Shideus. Shideus as in Sidious!"


"GDPS ... Ghamor Darth Pillow Shideus"




Character Description


This 3'8" tall gnome of unknown origin is traveling the world out to bet his life on creating the largest slave trading empire ever seen in the seven seas.


No kobold, bugbears, frog-man, dead-eaters, tentacle monster or bone knights are going to stop him from achieving his goal.


Equipped with a dagger, crossbow, his trust worthy longspear that he can hide underneath his own cloak and an array of alchemist bombs as well as his powerful spells he has bested to most dangerous of monsters some even on his own accord without the help of his other two party members.


Ghamor's most precious is of course his loyal nameless female pirate captain-hat wearing, pirate hook equipped and cloaked elf-slave.


Game Statistics


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