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Ghamor Journal

Page history last edited by muk 12 years, 2 months ago

Ghamor's Journal


Day 1

- Had some fun with some hot Chicks

- Scared some bullies into taking a dive into the sea

- Owned some Meat-eating Mistressed turned into flaming skeletons

- Owned a dude in a cloack

- Owned an one eyed tentalce monster

- Looted all the rich boys that fled the ship as it sank

- Escaped the sinking ship via a make shift raft

- After a night drifting in the sea arrived at an island with shifting stones


Day 2

- Met a ghost: 'the orange Lady' the guardian of the island

- Went underneath the island through an underwater cave

- Messed around and played pranks with two frog-guards, by impersonating the 'orange Lady'

- At the bottom of the cave send my familiar to scout the grand hall, only to lose it to some weirdo monsters.

- The useless monk ran away, failing to rescue my familiar.

- As the monk continues to explore the other caves, I exacted revenge on the weird skinny looking monster. They were stupid enough to be climbing 80 or more feat on the ceiling. Put them to sleep and they never knew when they died.

- Still they managed to alert a group of frog-squishies.

- Ackrak and the monk come running back

- Engaged in battle

- Monks slave got a new brain surgery

- Surgery failed and his slaved died

- Put a few frogs to sleep

- Witnessed the monk lose his cool when he took revenge on the frogs

- Slaughtered the rest of the frogs

- In a nearby cave we found a shrine with an elephant statue

- After examining and loot the statue we decided to sell the statue for its value. Moved the statue all the way to the cave entrance

- Dove through the cave back to the beach only to witness a Death Knight trying to kill us

- Took out the Death Knight's cursing skull, but couldn't save Ackrak from his demise. Still stopped him bleeding to death with the new rod of mysterious power.

- Tactical retreat to the shrine of the 'orange lady'

- Witnessed Ackrak's sudden return and victory over the Death Knight. He's got his head as his trophy


Day 3

- After resting from last nights gruesome battle Omlet gathered us to decide our course of action

- His long speech almost put me almost to sleep and I decided to put him to sleep instead

- Ackrak never trusting Omlet to begin with coupe de grace him, cleaving his head from his body in a single clean strike

- Cleaning the head with acid, I crafted a scary shoulder skull pad for my Xiao Nan. She now has a skull shoulder pad, Pirate Captain hat, a left hook and a strange magical glove and a bruned cloack from the one eyed tentacle monster

- Ackrak wishing to retrieve the elephant took a bunch of slave back into the cave

- Sekius wanted to save keep some goblin slaves ... weirdo ... they are less then trash why take them under your wing ...

- I scared them (the goblin slave) with a collosal red dragon back into work

- While taking a bath, the monk actually came up and disturbed me, before running off back towards the boat

- Anyways Ackrak soon emerged with the elephant and not a moment too early as pirates attacked our ship, once again

- The Monk tried defending the boat, but as useless as he was, he actually got knocked out cold once again. I believe that's the third or forth time he got knocked out.

- Me and Ackrak easily slaughtered the pirates.


Day 4

- Not muched happen, Ackrak secured the elephant

- I sent a slave to explore the pirate ship, leaving Xiao Nan in charge of supervising the slaves

- The slave was useless and never managed to come back, either he drowned or got caught either way I didn't care, since I was taking a nap

- In the afternoon the Monk finally woke up from his knock out, took him a whole day to recover, weakling!

- He proceed to explore the pirate ship on his own, only to return at night with guests hot on his heel

- While the pirate were swimming it send a few to sleep, they drowned without noticing it

- Still two managed to make it as far as climbing up the ship, but Ackrak was waiting there with his great axe, as I was waiting there with the Death Knight's scythe.

- Dual-tech slaught, butchering the pirates into many pieces

- Sekius managed to fall in love with a damsel on the pirate ship. He isn't very honest with his feelings, but I know he's in love ...


Day 5

- Using my awesome magical powers I set the pirate ship on "fire"

- Some pirates fled the "bruning" ship

- Ackrak and the useless Monk swam over to the pirate ship in an attempted rescue mission, while I maintained the "burning"

- I witness another seamosnter emerge out of the sea and getting hit by the main sail which Ackrak was taking apart, but it didn't react to it at all

- I also set the sea monster on "fire" to aid them in their escape

- The monk was so useless that he managed not only to lose the rescued woman but also lost another 2 slaves. He's not getting any new slaves.

- In an attempt to figure out how to reach the frog's nest the best, the monk examined the other entrances into the deph of the shifting-stone island

- He got himself almost killed again, just by trying to jump and climb down some rocks to get to an entrance, that loser

- In the end we decided to reuse the same underwater entrance

- The ground was still fresh from their wet prints and we reached the long and steep domino stair case

- Halfway down were two frogs guarding the stairs

- I decided to play some frog bowling, sending one frog tumbling and rolling down the stairs. He hit the end of the stairs hard and barfed all over the place

- The bowling machine reset the pins with at least another 10 frogs.

- Sending another frog tumbling down the alley, it took out 6 frog pins.

- The monk decided he wanted to join the fun and ended up somewhere half way on the stairs as well

- The last throw was a clear, as I not only nailed the last 4 frogs on the stair case but also saw some aweful balancing and tumbling act from the monks side. He truely does suck at being a monk. Maybe if he tried shouting "In the name of Justice, I Sailor Monk will punish you" his luck will turn

- Anyways a strike, cleared the whole pin.

- Finally afterwards I managed to find my imprisoned familar and freed him. Not a second to late

- Another patrol of frogs emerged

- This time with a crab captain and 6 frogs

- Drawing his attention the crabby engaged Ackrak

- I send those 6 cheerleading frogs to sleep, first 1 then 4 then the last one

- A fierce melee between Ackrak and the crab

- The monk suddenly came out of no where trying a flying jump kick. It failed, as usual. But he did manage to grab hold of the crabs big shell on its back

- After I finished sending the frogs to sleep I fired some powerful magic missles at it, tear big holes into it

- In the end Ackrack, cleaved it into small pieces, but not before the Crab managed to cut a few holes into the monk once again.


- A predator appears and aids Xiao Nan in making a small Predator Crab Shield. Xiao Nan does a thank you dance, but it doesn't impress.

- Later we examined the Mushroom cave

- All three of us carefully extracted some mushrooms before Xiao Nan spots a secret passage within one of the thicker grown areas.

- Enthusiastic Sekius chops and cleaves through the mushroom forest, wribling up a cloud of spores. Following farther behind him, I further collect some more mushroom until we reach the entrance of the cave.

- An imp like creature blasts a strong win against us, scratching me lightly

- Annoyed I force it to sleep.

- Xiao Nan uses rope and ties it up.

- Sekius is dumb enough to wake up the whole nest and I almost lose out on collecting a fine exotic example of new slaves.

- After some time I manage to put the whole nest to sleep and collect on a new set of trade values.

- Using the new Crab Life Boat Ackrak build we manage to bring all 6 Impish creatures to the ship.

- Right when we arrive Sekius falls ill.


Day 6 - 9

- Ackrak tends to the ill man and I see if I cannot brew together some "anti-dote" from the collected mushrooms. Instead I ended up with 9 viles of alchemist fire.

- Also I went ahead and identified a few magical items of intresst to me. The bone wand turned out to be a brooch that protects against arrows. The paint brush is a magicians best friend, allowing me to silently cast my enchanting spells twice a day. The ring turns out to be magically enhanced to grant you the ability to jump farther and higher.

- Ackrak while not only attending to the illman also managed the take the pirate ship apart and fix our ship to make it sea worthy again.


Day 10

- As we are to head back into the water cave a persian Orc appears. http://plotluck.pbwiki.com/f/krokus_sarvages.JPG

- Behind him four more people appear, three females and a male ranger.

- Krok, the name of the Orc, taunts me and I taunt him back with my dragon. We continue taunting each other until we come to an shining understanding.

- From Sekius's wife Liola we finally get some info on what's been happening on the outside world.

- Though she's fairly useless and a confused little girl, what do you expect from a common girl.

- On the other hand the lolita Occela was very interessting. She seemed to know many things, for one the one-eyed tentacle monster was a minion of the Ferry-Man Charon.

- Apparently the frog-man were amassing an army to catch the escapees. I send my snake to verify their claims.

- Ackrak just grinned at their numbers.

- Hythia turned out to be a very agile female knowing her craft of traps well. I asked her to set up mines for the on coming battle.


- Prepared we waited for the frogs to come. I'd loved to take the battle to them, but they already had the cave swarmed and it would be very difficult to reclaim the stairs and gate.

- Finally when the fullmoon came out the first wave of a dozen frogs started charging along the beach towards us.

- It was D-Day of the medival time, just slaughter, stepping on the mines one after another.

- Three waves of frogs were nearly annihilated this way

- Now we've already slaughtered 6 waves, I wonder how many more fodder frogs are to come


Many Month passed ...


Good god finally, we are arrived at Lemnos, but what rotten luck. Since the magic mirror trapped us we have lost all our aquired treasure and wealth. This cannot, this will not end, I am not accepting such trival thing as gold to hinder me from gaining greater power.


First thing in the morning I head out to the city and explore the markets, searching asking and talking to all traders, trying to aquire knowledge on what is in demand. The slave auction house seems to have closed, the city's common folk and merchant have hit on hard times, and yet there are a lot of nobles capable of spending their riches. It is about time they share their riches with me.


Meanwhile "Xiao Nan, go out in the city, find what treasure you can and return with info on what has been happening in this city. Knowledge is power and I shall have this power."


Hmm, this noble seems to be some wacko who's interessted in mephits, but not any mephits, mephits with strange racial inheritance. Those useless pieces of mephits that have been sitting around on my deck shall do their work...


"What...?! You want to know what benifit you'd gain? Don't screw with me! You'll see soon enough!"


"Sir ... may I offer you a few new slaves for sale? Clown, Candy, and Cookie Mephits, they are a very rare race of mephits ..."


That idiot he actually believes my illusion, and what is this crap about Illicit, Orc and a Minotaur Mephit? And a dark elf selling it to him? A Drow one from the underdark here on the surface. I wonder what grass he ate this morning? No matter, this will become a trouble some business, I shall disappear before then.


Wow this nobleman is totally wack ... The moment my magic Illusion fades, he runs off searching for me while leaving the mephit just on the street? This is a chance to retake the ware.


"Did you not enjoy yourself mephits? Was is not fun pulling a prank on this noble man? You are coming back with me, now!" 450 shinning gold pieces for this stunt, not bad.


"Xiao Nan, you are back? How did it go ... do tell" [...]


So Itrix is still alive? More like an imposter, but this will serve me well...


Sekius that idiot, is actually believing I'd cast invisibility on him? Don't get ahead of yourself ...


Demons? Fiendlings? What has Itrix pull out this time? None the less this isn't bad ... actually this may play well into my hand.


Damn that bastard Sekius, got Riddle almost crushed again ... next time he shall feel what it means to die ...


"Sekius let me go to Hera's temple and try ralley the clerics and paladins to serve justice on evils like those lurking in the gallions Itrix brough to the harbor."


What is this crap ... of course I would want to fap up those Aphroditie chicks ... but right now it's more important that we ralley a force to fight those Fiendlings, with just the few of us we'd never stand a chance.


"Ahh fine go Sekius go find allies ... I shall see if I can't ralley up a Mob"


"Xiao Nan, come here, spread rumors of a demonic invasion standing before. When you see fit start a fire. Let's see how an angry mob will deal with an unprepared mob of fiendlings."


Demons indeed ... now this is music to my ears and beauty to my eyes. A summoned balor raging rampant at the port with his whip and sword ... hmm these flames ... a little fast ... and whats with this crowd ... they are just running around in fear and chaos ...


Damn that woman, Aleska ... you are worst than me ... I shall not forget that characteristic ... arrogant bitch ... you'll serve me sooner or later


Do commoners have no guts, no courage? Argh this isn't going after my plan at all, they need a hero one to ralley them together ... wait ... I can be that hero ... no ... I am that hero ... hehe .... bwahaha... muhahaha


"Crew, half of you are helping me out with fighting the fire! The rest take the ship out of port to saftey."


Now as for the rest of these useless bunch of commoners ... Hold Person and charm ... yes ...


"Hieve, Ho! Faster we have to stop the fire from spreading any further!" This is working well, these idiots do not realize how much power I shall gain from this. A mob of five dozen people the rumors will spread soon.


I am exhausted ... finally the fire is out ... damn well at least the tavern didn't burn.


"Men, have a round on me at the tavern"


And where has Sekius been the whole time? Not a single zealot followed him here? I knew I should have ralleied them myself. He is such a douchbag.


"What do you mean no one came? Did you not see the destruction the fiendlings did? You are absolutely useless Sekius ... how can you call yourself a monk and not be able to ralley any one? Half the town suffered because you couldn't ralley anyone to fight the fiendlings"


"Yes, yes go ahead and protect the tavern Sekius", there will be noone to attack them anyways, cause the perptor is standing right in front of you, you idiot. But you will serve me, one way another, each of your actions will bring me closer to power.


"I shall return to the ship and check up on it," also I want to reap my harvest, Xiao Nan you better not fail me as Sekius does. But then I should never count on Sekius doing something right, unless it is to punch something.


"Well done, Xiao Nan, 3000g from merchants and commener alike, of the corpses of black ash men."


Itrix wants to see me? More like eliminiate me, hehe, but I won't have it.


"Tell your master if he wishes an audiance with the hero who faught the flames of a balor he must invite all the heros standing in this tavern."


Go Sekius, go ahead and explore temples of Ares ... what ever you'll find will surely have almost no immediate effect on us ... stupid faithful ones will only hope for miracles to happen. You work for them, you work for a chance to happen and then you grasp it no matter what.


Now we need resources gold to rebuild this town ... the nobles will have that ... now if we could get an audiance with them ... "Ackrak, I think I have an idea as to how to gain some man power and resources to rebuild this town"


Bodyguards ... I doubt it much ... Ackrak go show them who's boss! ... Yes ... that's how we do things ...


... What is with this nobleman ... he has no desire for power, fame, wealth? Itrix you bastard how much more do I need to catch up to handle things you are doing right now? No matter as long as Ackrak is here things will go the way we need them to. Time to wake up the instict for power in this nobleman ... "Ackrak let him taste power."


"Who has the biggest private army here?" Oh we must have hit a gold mine ... he has everything ... he'll provide the city with gold, man power for reconstruction and has a private army as big as 80?


Better put these guys into their places, they have no idea how expendable they are.

Ackrak does nice in putting disobidient people into their places.


Now then let us return and see what Sekius has found ... a ritual deep within the Ares temple? Do they believe in this crap? Hmm though it may explain the powerful fire last night ... no matter ... first deal what is within reach.


"Men, Tonight we dine at Poseidon's table! To BATTLE" ... more like you will


Ackrak he shall be the captain and hero of the sea ... "Let the black pearl rise"


"Flames, flames of the depth to me, be my sword, my arrow! Burn you scumm"

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