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Ackrak Vassales

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Character Information


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Ackrak Vassales


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Character Description


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Game Statistics


3rd -- dispel magic, greater magic weapon, haste

2nd -- bear's endurance, bull's strength, protection from arrows

1st -- enlarge person, magic armor, protection from evil, shield, true strike

0th -- daze, detect magic, disrupt undead, flare, light, prestidigitation



Recent Developments


March 1st, 2008

Akrak was the only Player Character to receive a special "gift," and he was nominated for this by the other players. He asked for, and received, full ranks in the skill Knowledge (the planes).


Akrak swam to the pirate ship and fastened a line to it, and then directed the slaves to haul it to shore. Over the next several days he directed the slaves to make a number of modifications to the ship, taking parts from the pirate's ship to easy repairs and modifications. He also tending to Seikius, who had been poisoned during the last foray into the depths of the island.

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